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Meet Oc Yousif

 I made this video portfolio to showcase some my work and give you a little insight of who I am as person and photographer. 

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      Most other photographers will spend 6-8 hours with you on your wedding day. If asked to stay longer due to delays or other issues that may arise, they will either say they can't stay or they will charge you for over time. With me, I stay with you the whole day. I get there during the make-up and getting ready phase and stay with you until the end of the party.    

Many other photographers will take several pictures, let you see them unedited and ask you to chose which pictures you would like to have edited and finalized. I however, edit all pictures and then allow you to have copies of all photos taken the day of your wedding. Other photographers have hidden fees, they will try to re-sell you pictures that they have taken and this can become costly in order to get a copy. With me, you have access to all copies of high quality, edited photos.     

Other photographers only give you copies of your pictures with their logo on them which is not ideal for printing pictures. I don't require you to sign any contracts regarding copyright. When I edit your photos and give you the files I give you two files. One that has the logo on it for sharing online with your social media accounts, and one file with no logo which is perfect for printing pictures. This is typically something other photographers charge extra for, but with me it is included in the cost.   

Photography is my passion, I enjoy taking photos of weddings and engagement photo sessions. Because of this, I am not trying to oversell you or take any extra money from you. I just want you to have a special day and be able to look back the photos and enjoy your memories.