OC Yousif Photography

Meet Oc Yousif

 I made this video portfolio to showcase some my work and give you a little insight of who I am as person and photographer. 

Check out this video


Hi, I am OC. I was born somewhere far away and then I grew up living in different cities and working with different people. That made me who I am today. I am a simple man who is in love with photography and my wife. 

I always had a passion for photography! I am fortunate that I can live my passion each day creating art out of your weddings, engagements and more. My pursuit of perfection pushes me to continuously evolve with better vision and tools. I remind myself daily of the importance of carrying my camera with humor, compassion and curiosity. 

My happiest moments are watching the bride and groom smiling reflecting on every photo they see. They deserve the very best, and I thrive to achieve that. My desire is that they re-live that special day every time they look at their photos. 

My vision is to build on colorful, energetic, and romantic imagery.  My secret is to become close with my client, understand their desires because great creativity is often the result of working closely with clients.